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Which auto insurance policy protects drivers whose car has been broken into


Carinsuranceplan.org (https://carinsuranceplan.org/) announces new blog post, “How Auto Insurance Can Help Drivers Who Have Had Their Cars Broken”

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) August 18, 2021

Carinsuranceplan.org has launched a new blog post that showcases what type of auto insurance coverage protects drivers who have had their cars broken into.

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Unfortunately, vehicle break-ins are quite common. Countless people had their property stolen or their cars damaged in the break-in. The auto insurance policy will cover damage caused to the vehicle during the break-in, only if it includes comprehensive coverage. Most states only require liability coverage that will cover the costs of any damage or injury the policyholder causes to other cars, property, or people in the event of a collision or other accident. On the flip side, comprehensive insurance can cover the cost of repairing any damage to the vehicle, including broken windows, fake ignition, broken locks, and cosmetic damage. In addition, he can pay for the replacement of stolen vehicle parts and he can even pay a fair market value for a replacement car if the insured’s vehicle is stolen.

Despite the benefits of full coverage, this insurance policy does not cover personal effects stolen or damaged during vehicle burglary. However, the owner’s or renter’s insurance policy would cover the cost of replacing these items. In order to protect their cars and personal belongings from a burglary, drivers should consider the following:

  • Do not leave valuables in the car. One of the best ways to prevent car theft is to not leave valuables in the car. Even if the items are hidden under the seat, in the glove box or in the trunk, during a break, these items can be easily stolen by a thief.

  • Park the car in well-lit parking spaces. Finding a parking space in a crowded city can be a challenge. Many drivers are tempted to park their car in the first available parking space. However, it is safer for drivers to wait until they find a well-lit parking space. When a car is parked in a well-lit area, it is less likely to be stolen. In many cases, thieves try their luck with cars hidden in the shadows.
  • Lock the doors and close the vehicle windows. Some drivers may only leave their vehicle for a few moments and forget to secure it properly. Despite how quickly they can complete their task and get back to the vehicle, someone can quickly grab whatever is in the passenger seat or in the glove box. When leaving the vehicle, drivers should ensure that all windows are closed and the doors are locked.
  • Get a security system. Buying a good security system for the vehicle can help deter thieves from attempting a break-in or stop them in their tracks with blaring alarms. Advanced security systems with GPS tracking can make it easy for police to locate the vehicle in the event of theft.

Drivers who have had their cars stolen must first contact the police and file a police report. Then they must document the damage to the vehicle by taking photos and creating a list of stolen items. The insurance company should also be contacted as soon as possible in order to report the break-in and file a claim. Finally, if a purse, wallet, or documents with sensitive information have been stolen, the driver should contact the bank and credit card companies to suspend their cards.

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